Our Story

Staph.me was founded in 2019 by our founders David, Blake and Allison when they encountered the same time consuming job application process all job candidates face.

Job hunting is more than just applying to jobs. It's about scheduling interviews, preparing interviews, DOING interviews, and if you're awesome, acing your interview.

That's why we've built Staph.me as the best job application service. Our mission is to save you time so you can focus on acing your interview.

What We Believe In

We believe in providing a real & effective service for job candidates.

Most job application services either spam your email to thousands of recruiters, or use a job application bot that auto applies to jobs - both methods are spammy and could get you blacklisted.

Staph.me is different. We actually (and literally) apply to jobs on your behalf, as if you were doing it yourself. Think of us as your personal job application assistant!

On average, 1 in 16 of our applications results in an interview from our most recent customer survey (2022).