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  • "...and if you need real people to apply to jobs for you, try Staph.me. Unlike many services that use automated bots, Staph.me is a real application service where their team manually applies to jobs on your behalf. "

  • "Ever asked yourself 'can I hire someone to apply to jobs for me?' Well, it turns out, Staph.me does exactly that. You can hire Staph.me to apply to jobs for you..."

Staph.me is a job application service that applies to jobs for you

Simply upload your resume and tell us what job you would like and our team will apply to jobs for you. Our team will do the manual job application process for you. Getting a great job just got easier!

  • Select a Plan

    Select how many jobs you'd like us to apply for you.

  • Upload Resume

    Tell us what postings you'd like us to apply to, by giving us your:
    1. Desired job titles

    2. Skill sets

    3. Job location

  • Get Interviews

    Sit back and relax. Our professional job application service will start applying to jobs on your behalf!

Loved by over 2,000 job seekers

We're rated 4.7 stars by over 2,000 job seekers [2022]. 87% of our customers would refer us to a friend. See why customers love our job application service and give us a try today!

Get jobs in any country

We can apply to jobs for you in most locations including: Remote, US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and more.

We've helped job seekers find jobs in over 70 countries!

Professional Job Application Service

Applying to jobs can be very time consuming. Our job application service is built to ensure we apply to well targeted jobs for you based on your exact preferences.

Imagine you're a Marketing Associate, that doesn't mean you'll want to apply to every "Marketing Associate" position out there. You may want to find the roles utilizing your specialty (say, email marketing), and perhaps you only want to work in specific sectors (say, fintech).

Our team of (real) humans takes the time to find roles that are a good match for you based on your title, skill set and location.

We deeply believe quality is more important than quantity, and our team is commited to providing a great quality job application service at an affordable price.

Built with ♥ in NYC + Toronto

Hire Staph.me to apply to jobs for you

Wished you had a job application bot that automatically applied to jobs? Our team will apply to targeted job applications for you, as if you were doing it yourself.

We apply to jobs for you with care and never use automated programs.

The 'Apply4Me' service you've been waiting for

Ever spent hours looking for jobs online, wishing there's somebody that can apply to jobs for you instead?

Staph.me is a job application service created to do just that.

Staph.me was founded 2020 when our team encountered the same time consuming process when looking for jobs.

Since then, we've grown to over 30 full time employees and helped over 2,000 applicants apply to over 70,000 jobs.

Our mission is to help job seekers save time. Try our professional job application service today, and see why thousands of customers love our services!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've ordered, what's next?

Congrats on your first step into getting a great job!

Within 3 days of your order, our team will send you a job application tracker. This is a live document our team will use to keep track of all the jobs we've applied for you.

You can use this tracker view our team's progress throughout the week.

How soon will my order be fulfilled?

Our team applies aims to finish your order as soon as possible, but will apply to at least 10 jobs/week depending on how many jobs there are in your preferred location and how many orders we have in our backlog.

What kind of jobs can you help me apply to?

Staph.me can help job seekers apply to nearly all job types in the private sector.

The only limitations are that certain government agencies may require applications apply directly.

Are the number of job applications guaranteed?

Yes! For example, if you ordered our 20X plan, our goal is to apply to 20 jobs for you.

In the odd cases where there isn't 20 jobs in your preferred job location or industry, you can ask us to apply to other jobs as substitutes or we'd be happy to issue you a partial refund for any unused job credits.

Will you customize my resume for each job?

We may make minor changes to maximize your chances of getting an interview. We'll avoid making major changes.

What if the jobs you're applying to are not a good match for me?

If the jobs aren't a great match, it's possible the initial targeting criteria needs to be adjusted.

Just send us an email and our team will be able to adjust your targeting criteria to better match jobs to your resume.

Our team apply to jobs based on your desired title, skill sets, industry and location.

I'm getting too many interview requests, can I adjust the number of job applications?

Absolutely! Just login to your Staph.me account and change the frequency of your subscription.

You'll be able to upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel anytime by logging into your Staph.me account. There are no commitments or cancellation fees.

You can also pause or skip next week/months' renewal if you are getting too many interview requests and need a break.

What's your refund policy?

If we've completed your job applications and you're unhappy with the jobs we've applied to, we can re-apply to new jobs for you at no charge! Just email our support team and ask for a revision.

In the unlikely event that, if even after the re-applies you are still unhappy, we would be still able to still provide a 50% refund.

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